About us

Shanghai Tianchun Technology Co.,Ltd,founded in 2009,is a professional research & development company of magnetic measurement instrument,

Including the Gauss meter,Tesla meter, Flux meter, Iron loss meter,Permanent magnet/soft magnet test system,Magnetic pole distribution test system and Magnetic equipment(magnetization of the power supply,magnetizing fixture,demagnetization coil).

The company relying on the unique geographical advantages of the Yangtze-river region to base in shanghai and serve the whole country.

Core values: Integrity, Innovation, and Service

Enterprise spirit: unity, hard work, pioneering and realistic, satisfying users and scientific and technological progress.

The company believes that honesty is the basis of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite to solve the problem, innovation is a tool for the development of the cause, service is the fundamental value creation. The company will adhere to continuous improvement, meet customer expectations, ensure quality first, and explore the global market.




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E-mail: sales@imeter.com.cn

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