Weighing Controller

DIN Mounted Weighing Transmitter TR01DP

TR01DP Weighing Transmitter (DIN Mounted Transmitter)


  • Built-in 24 bit high precision AD converter

  • Multi-segment Linear calibration function

  • Software filtering algorithm

  • Automatic zero tracking

  • Isolation among power supply, load cell input and communication interface with strong anti-interference capacity

  • Standard Modbus RTU communication protocol

  • Module address setting conveniently and quickly

  • Standard DIN rail mountable mode for space saving


  •  Power supply: 9-26VDC

  •  Power consumption: 40mA@24V

  • Output interface: two-wire system RS485

  •  Baud rate: 300-115200bps

  • Data format: 1 starting bit, 8 bit data, 1 stop bit, 1 optional parity bit

  •  Verification mode: None/odd parity/even parity/SPACE/MARK

  • Communication protocol: Modbus RTU and own protocol

  •  Communication address setting: two digit hexadecimal rotating dial switch

  • Load cell sensitivity: 0.3-2.0mV/V, customized for special sensitivity

  • Load cell excitation voltage: 5V

  • Load capacity: 350Ω 6 pcs at most

  • AD converter resolution: 24bit, internal code >1000000

  • Conversation rate: 6.25-400times/second or 7.5-480times/second

  • Enclosure material: ABS

  • Dimension: 115*37*58(length x width x height, mm)

  •  Gross weight: around 100g


DIN Mounted Weighing Transmitter TR01DP(图1)

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