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How to choose the correct Load Cell?

How to choose the correct Load Cell?

How to choose the correct Load Cell and compatible instrument for your load or force measurement application?

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Below is a list of things to consider when selecting a load cell for your load / force measurement requirement:

Step 1

Price and availability are normally the first two things to consider. If you’re on a limited budget or need something the next day this may narrow your selection. However Transducer Techniques does offer educational discounts and we stock our standard products ready for next day shipping.

Step 2

Define how you want to conduct the measurement and how you will apply the load. Will your loading be static or dynamic? A dynamic application usually requires a load cell with a higher frequency response (a good rule of thumb is the lower the load cell deflection the high the frequency response). Will you be loading the load cell in-line or require a load cell that can handle extraneous loads?  Will you be measuring bending, tension or compression or both, multi-axis such as thrust and torque?

Step 3

Define how this load cell will be mounted in your application. Do you require male or female threads or a flange mount? Do you need a through hole or compression load washer load cell that allows a structure to pass through the load cell?

Step 4

Define the environment in which the load cell is intended to be used in (laboratory, warehouse, outdoors, underwater). For extended outdoor use or in a marine environment or for underwater use, we recommend a hermetically seal load cell.

Step 5

Define the overall accuracy, output, bridge resistance, nonlinearity, hysteresis, nonrepeatability, frequency response.

Step 6

Define if there are any special options required, such as, connectors, addition cable lengths, high temperature,or if Cal-Teds (plug and play smart load cell option) is required.

Step 7

Define if load cell instrumentation is required. From a precision power supply, to an amplifier signal conditioner module, to a digital display with alarms, analog output or data logging, we have economical solutions for your load cell instrument requirements.

In summary, for someone using a load cell for the first time this can be overwhelming. But this is what we enjoy doing and we are always here for you. Please allow us to help you select the right load cell from installation, to setup, we will be here to assist you every step of the way.


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