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Shanghai Tianchun Technology Co.,Ltd,founded in 2009,is a  professional research & development company of magnetic measurement  instrument,including Gauss meter,

Tesla meter, Flux meter, Iron loss meter,Permanent magnet/soft magnet test system,Magnetic pole distribution test system and Magnetic  equipment(magnetization

of the power supply,magnetizing fixture,demagnetization coil).The  company relying on the unique geographical advantages of the Yangtze  river region

to base in shanghai and serve the whole country.

Shanghai Tindun Industry Co.,Ltd consistent to serve its customer with  the highest cost performance of product and service.In recently  years,relying on the domestic

various universities solid scientific research strength, combined with  the company for many years of permanent magnetic material  production,testing and

application of the whole process of equipment,the company have  developed various equipment of de/magnetization,and magnetic measurement for the

each link of the production of magnetic materials and the whole test  process.Through the efforts of all staff,we constantly improve the level of business and

technology. we are able to provide the most cost-effective equipment  according to customers different requirement.At the same time, the  company take advantage

of its own channel to actively export and import high-tech products from foreign countries.

Today, our main customers are all over the magnetic materials industry,  the electronic sound industry and the domestic universities and research institutes.

At present,the main self management products of our company are:

GM200 series handheld gaussmeter;GM500 series multifunctional  gaussmeter;GM600 series table gaussmeter;GM800 series digital  fluxmeter;GM900 magnetic poles

distribution test system;GM1000/2000/3000/4000 series de/magnetizer and  magneting fixture;Soft magnetic material testing system,GM300  Iron-Loss-Meter.

In addition,our company are able to provide a specific solution for the  magnetic field occurrence and testing according to the specific  application of the customer.

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