A capacitor discharge impulse magnetizer is used to produce a high current pulse of short duration in a magnetizing fixture for magnets of the various shapes. The problem of designing custom fixtures for magnetization has often been considered more of conventional experience than a scientific theory. Therefore, the design of magnetizing fixture has until recently been a "cut and try" process. It was common to literally blow up one or mare fixtures before achieving the desired results. Finite element CAD package allow the design of such a fixture. Since magnetizing fixtures come in a variety of sizes and shapes. there is usually no simple analysis method that can be used to estimate the field characteristics of the fixtures. Instead, one typically uses finite element analysis, FEA program MAXWELL is the primary tool used here. The purpose of this study was a examine both theoretically and experimentally the field characteristics inside the fixture. Independent of sizes and shapes of magnetizing fixtures, the desired magnetic field can be obtained with resonable predictability, The experimental results have been achieved using a 1000[V], 22.4[KJ] capacitor discharge magnetizer and iron-core fixtures.