F.W.BELL company is the world's most famous manufacturer of Gauss meter / magnetic field meter, Holzer current sensor professional manufacturer, has more than 50 years of production experience, the product has excellent quality. Companies strictly enforce the ISO9001 production standards, the production of more than 10 products not only have a high performance price ratio, but also has a perfect after-sales service guarantee. Some products come into China with the production line more than 10 years ago and are still reliable. In 2004, F.W.BELL accounted for 46% of Gauss's market share in the world.The 5100 series hand held Gauss meter replaces the previous 5000 Series handheld Gauss meter. The 5100 series handheld Gauss meter is the latest progress in the field measurement instrument based on the Holzer effect. It is the only handheld Gauss meter designed by DSP. Maximum range 0-30KG, minimum basic error 1%. Features include automatic zero, automatic range, maximum / minimum / maximum hold, relative mode, etc.. All models can choose Gauss or Tesla readings. 5180 analog output (+ 3V) and USB communication interface. All models are manufactured according to ISO9001 standard and certified by CE.